3 Reasons Why You’re on the Right Track If You’re Considering to Start An Online Business

Hello! This is glen here.

If you already have an online business or if you’re thinking about starting an online business, you’re on the right track!

Watch this video below to find out 3 reasons why. If you’re unable to watch the video below then read further.

Reason #1: Change in Behaviour

In the past, people would normally read news and information on television or through newspaper and magazines.

Today you will probably notice your friends around you or even with yourself that you consume news and information differently. You probably now get your information with your smartphone or through yahoo news as it’s much faster as well!

If you don’t believe me, have a look at this bar chart below.


Here you can see a drastic shift in people spending time on Mobile Devices VS. TV. From 2012 to 2014, you can see this shift in time spent on mobile devices as compared to tv.

The blue bar that represents mobile and the red bar represents tv. And you can see that it has overtaken the red bar in 2014. Today, it’s probably way more!

And so because of this change, it’s far more easier and cheaper to reach out to your ideal audience.

In the past, you will probably need a huge budget in order for you to reach your ideal people but now all that has changed. When the advancement of technology, it’s so much easier, cheaper and faster to reach out to your audience today.

Reason #2: Increasing number of people spending money online

So because of the change in people’s behaviour, people have also spent more money online.

Have a look at this piece of data below by Statista.


This piece of data shows you that just in 2012 the amount of money spent online is 1,058 billion dollars. This is projected to grow to 2,356 billion dollars in 2018!

Gone are the days where people will be skeptical about taking their credit cards out and making a purchase online. It’s not something new and unfamiliar.

You can see that we’re not just dealing with a thousand dollar market, a million dollar market but a billion dollar market.

The chart above is for e-commerce in general but let’s take a closer look at one of the major players in e-commerce, Clickbank.com.

Clickbank: It’s the world’s leading e-commerce platform that is known for selling digital products.


You can see from the article above by business wire that Clickbank has increased 34% in their revenue just in a span of 1 year! Just from 2013 to 2014 alone!

That’s how fast and big this entire market is growing.

Reason #3: It’s Leveraged! (Effort Vs. Income)


When you work on an online business and let’s say your focus is on building up an email audience. What happens is that through time you’ll have more and more people who you can sell to.

Instead of just having 5oo people, you now have 5,000 or 20,000 people that you can sell to.

Well, you probably need to put in the initial effort at the start as you’re learning something new. It’s much like driving where at first you’ll probably hit a few curbs and have trouble switching lanes but soon driving becomes little or no effort to you anymore.

As you put in the effort to grow your email audience, it’ll soon become the same or even no effort to you but yet you’re growing your audience size. And when your audience size grow so does your income because you have a larger pool of people to buy your product, services or other people’s products.

However, in a traditional job, you’re unlikely to get this form of leverage.

In a traditional job, as your income increases so does your effort because you’ll also have more responsibility.

Increase in pay but probably more responsibilities and work as well.

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