7 Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing


Although Internet Marketing is an easy and sometimes simple way to grow your business and become more profitable, you can easily make some mistakes while promoting your business online. You have to be very careful about certain things, so that they will truly help your business grow, and not bring it down, on the other note.
Here are 7 of the most often made mistakes while talking of internet marketing:

1.    Not taking proper care of the customer service

Customer service is something absolutely needed while talking about any business, not only internet marketing. The customer service has to be available for every business, 24/7, with the possibility of the client’s questions to be replied in 24 hours at most. Fast replies show the customers that you truly care about the quality of your service, and not only about your profit, and they will eagerly come back to you to use your services again.

2.    Not Optimizing

Optimization is a must. You must always take care to optimize your offers and your services, and to remove any outdated versions on your website. All the information and offers have to be new and optimized, so that the clients will trust you to properly take care of what they need to solve.


3.    Not having capable staff, trained to work with internet marketing

This is a very serious mistake you have to avoid. Before hiring anyone, you have to ensure that they are properly prepared to work online, to take care of the offers and the optimizations, and to not make any kind of mistakes in the format of your website. Any mistake, even a very small one, can cost you a lot, as the internet is wide and the information is spread very quickly.


4.    Not Having a Blog

It is always important for you to have a Blog on your website. Whether it is blog posts or articles, these are what tells the search engines what your website is about. Once search engine are able to put you in a certain category, people will be able to look for you. People who are having the same interest as what you’re talking about on your site.

5.    Not following your competition

It’s important, however, to keep an eye on the competition too. As the competition nowadays is very high, in order to be the lead and to have a constant, at least, profit, you have to make sure that you don’t fall behind your competition. It’s well to see their updates, the tricks they use, their marketing strategies and so on, so that you won’t lose clients in their favor.

6.    Not having a mobile version of your website

Almost everything is done online, lately, and if you don’t have a mobile version of your website, then you can lose a huge amount of clients. People do almost everything on their mobile devices lately, mostly because of the lack of time, and they always search for a mobile version of the website they’re on, because on a mobile version, everything loads faster and it’s easier to access. You have to try to keep a mobile version as updated as possible.


7.    Not Going Social

With social media being a huge part of our lives these days, it’ll be unwise if you do not take advantage of social media. There are so many social media accounts that you can open and use that can bring a lot of people to your website. Be sure to open a Google+, Twitter and Facebook account for your business. Not forgetting YouTube, if you’re going to have promotional videos.


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