7 Singapore Internet Millionaires: 3 Lessons to Learn


This article above came about Singapore Internet Millionaires came out in TheSundayTimes on 22nd February 2015 and I think it is a highly inspiring article. The Article was 2 pages with this small table listing some of the internet millionaires. They also had inspiring stories shared by different internet entrepreneurs such as Douglas Gan, Hian Goh, Lim Dershing and many more.

There are 3 Valuable Lessons that we too can learn from this article:

1. Follow Your Passion

Do what you love and the income will follow. If you don’t have the heart to do something, you will dread waking up every single day. A passion can be as simple as trying to change something that you feel has something lacking.

2. You Don’t Need Technical Knowledge to Start An Internet Business

Some of the founders of these internet businesses, are probably people with no technical background but yet they managed to start an internet business. Know that it is possible but nothing will ever happen if you do not act on your ideas.

3. Self-Belief is a Key for Success

If you don’t believe in yourself, then half the battle is already lost. Always believe in what you do despite the noise and opinions that people may give you. It’ll always be there. Sooo, just do it!

I’ve always remembered the story about an army of frogs that was racing to the top of a wall. Some raced to the top of the wall while some remained below that shouted that “it wasn’t possible” and discouraged them from climbing to the top. After some time, only 1 frog made it to the top while others fell along the way. Unexpectedly, the frog that made it to the top was actually deaf.

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