How To Create Content That Gets Shared: 6 Tips

Content marketing is huge right now, but if you’re creating content that’s not getting shared then you are just wasting your time. Content is important for any marketing campaign, with the end goal being to alert potential customers of your company to increase sales. But it’s also supposed to be of value and something that benefits people so that they feel compelled to share it across their own social media networks. Here’s how to create content that goes viral:


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1. Target Audience

In order to create content that gets shared, you’ll first have to figure out your target audience. You’ll want to create content base on their particular traits, likes, needs and so on. How else will you know what type of content they’ll want to read? To do this, you’ll need to use the five Ws: Who, When, Where, Why – and throw in How. This way you can create content that’s targeted to a particular customer and they’ll feel as if you’re creating it just for them.


2. Attention-Grabbing Headline

If you don’t have a compelling headline, your content won’t get read. Think of it as your reader’s first impression. If it doesn’t grab their attention or stand out, then they wont’ take interest in it and won’t read it. To write an engaging headline, follow these tips: use numbers to let your reader know what to expect, ask questions, include a promise of some sort so that they will read it and gain valuable knowledge and finally, write “How To” pieces, which have become quite popular.


3. Original Content

You don’t want to write about something that someone else has already written about. Coming up with original content is key to getting content shared across the net. And if you see a piece you like, spin it and create your own piece on the same subject, but approach it from a different angle. Change up the content so that it’s an original piece in the end.


4. Get Emotional

Some of the best content that goes viral really evokes people’s emotions. It’s this pieces that make you want to cry or feel you with joy. If you want your content to go viral, add an emotional angle that will engage people, especially if it’s an inspirational piece that makes people feel good afterward. Try to stay away from negative feelings since studies show that these kinds of posts don’t get shared as often.


5. Add Pictures Or Videos

To spice things up a bit, add pictures, videos and other graphics to your posts since visual content is processed faster than text. And it also makes your content more engaging and even more memorable if you just use text alone. There are a number of stock photography sites out there and you can easily create your own graphics using video and picture apps for cheap.


6. Add Value

Content that’s useful adds value to your content and will more likely get shared than content that’s filled with random things. Fix a problem or give tips in your content and you’ll see that it’ll get shared by lots of people.

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