How to Do Keyword Research Using Market Samurai: Easy & Fast Method

A business owner once wanted to venture into a different industry and once asked me, “Glen, Is there a way to find out if the industry is worth venturing into?” That was then when I share with him the power of keyword research. Keyword research is the key foundation when it comes to internet marketing. Keyword research is important because it tells you whether your idea has a huge demand online. You will be able to know the number of searches for various words or ideas that you’re searching for. This is great for those who are about to start off something online.

You can use a tool called the google keyword planner tool if you are wanting to find out the exact number of searches for your ideal word. However, when it comes down to choosing a keyword, you will want to pick a GOOD keyword based on 4 factors.

These 4 factors are:
1. Relevant
2. Search Volume
3. Commercial Value
4. Competition

Relevant: You will want to be picking keywords that is related to your idea or business

Search Volume: Pick out keywords that has your ideal search volume

Commercial Value: Check if there are other advertisers when you run a google search for your keyword.

Competition: You will want to check how strong the other websites are on page 1 of google for your ideal keyword. You are checking to see if you’re able to take over 1 of the top 10 spots on google.

Keyword research can be a tedious process but there’s a secret weapon that I use personally that makes the entire process much faster and easier. The secret weapon that makes it easier is called Market Samurai. I have created a video tutorial guide that shows you exactly how to use this tool easily.

Watch the video tutorial guide below:

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