Warning: You’re Losing Money By Not Using Internet Marketing

If you’re a business owner or someone starting a new business who doesn’t use internet marketing, then you’ll certainly be losing money.

Internet marketing is a strategy and an important aspect in today’s context. Circumstances has changed and presently the most effective way to get your brand known or your message across to your audience is through internet marketing. So what is internet marketing exactly?


Internet marketing (or can be referred as online marketing) is a method in which it does the marketing and advertising side of things, usually in online business. This method makes use of several online mediums such as social media, emailing, online giveaways, content marketing and many more to gain income to your business. It’s like the online version of a Newspaper, Flyers, TV ads and signboards that we see everyday. If you don’t incorporate internet marketing to your online business, then you’ll pretty much lose a lot of income! This is because of the growing use of Smartphones and Social Media.

Almost everyone has a Smartphone and a Social Media account these days. Not just with the young but the more mature audience as well! I know people much much older than me that also participate in this phenomenon. This makes it easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to get their message known to people in the market.


So how do you do internet marketing? There are a lot of ways actually but usually the following are the more but very effective.

  •  Social Media Marketing – it is widely known how powerful social media is. You will see lots of viral photos or videos of stuff happening on Facebook or find the trending events on Twitter. Almost everyone is on the social media world and because of that, you have a lot of opportunities to find the right customers for your business. You can do your advertising and marketing through these social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.
  •  Email Marketing – This is probably an old method but it is still very effective today. With smartphones being a huge part of our lives, email open rates are definitely higher than before because people are able to get access to their email very conveniently these days. People will also always get a notification whenever they receive an email.
  • Content Marketing – If you’re in business, start off having a blog on your website. It’ll be a place for you to just post anything about your business or how you feel. This makes the search engines be able to label you correctly and thus bringing the right customers to your website. Furthermore, if you have an interesting write-up, people have an increased tendency to share what they like these days. This will translate to you having even more visibility about your business!

And so, I would like to share a video with you that I’ve created to show you how to create a facebook page for your brand or business. After you’ve created your facebook account, be sure to also create a facebook page for your brand or business to have more reach to your audience.

Have a look at this video below on “How to Create A Facebook Page“:

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